Ghost Sign on Former Bookstore

A ghost sign on a former bookstore called Nowości, which existed in the interwar period. Today the space houses a small store selling art and office supplies, among other things. Here’s a listing of the bookstore in a directory from 1939:

Interwar Fire Hydrants in Mukachevo

Traces of Mukachevo’s Czechoslovakian past can still be found in the city. (During the interwar period, Mukachevo along with the rest of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) was part of Czechoslovakia.) “In 1883, Antonín Kunz (1859–1910) founded a company in Hranice [Czech Republic] for the repair and production of small farm machinery and then specialized […]

Sidewalk Stamp in Lutsk

This sidewalk stamp says: “Zarząd Miejski m. Łucka” (Municipal Board of the City Lutsk). This curb dates from the interwar period when Lutsk was part of the Second Polish Republic (1920-1939).

Square Manhole Covers in Lviv

Very few square-shaped prewar manhole covers with the words “miejska elektrownia” (municipal power station) remain in Lviv.

Water Supply Network Covers in Lviv

Hundreds of these pre-Soviet small round or square manhole covers are scattered across Lviv. I believe they cover utilities connected to the city’s water supply network, specifically valves. Pomiar Miasta is Polish for “measurement of the city”; PPML most likely stands for Punkt Pomiara Miasta Lwow (Measurement Point for the […]

Antique Junction Boxes in Lviv

I have found quite a few prewar electrical junction boxes in Lviv. They are typically located on the left-hand side of a building’s entrance way, near the front door. They are not quite obsolete as I think they still function, but the inscriptions are no longer relevant. М. Z. E. […]

Antique Locks in Rzeszów

This is a unique find for me. There are about 8 of these antique locks still attached to a building in Rzeszów, Poland. They were made by a company L. Russ in Drohobycz. The city of Drohobycz is presently in Ukraine, but both Drohobycz and Rzeszów were historically part of Galicia […]

Prewar Storm Drains in Lviv

Unlike the sewer manhole covers, many of the storm drains have dates. The oldest storm drains date to 1902; there are also many from the late 1930s, especially 1939. During Austrian times the Polish name of Lviv was used, as seen in storm drain from with inscription Ed. Machan Lwow […]