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Help Ukraine as it defends itself from Russia

Where to donate:
List of organizations to donate to on the official website of Ukraine
Razom – a non-profit Ukrainian-American human rights organization
Solidarity Collectives – an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that unites several individual and organizational grassroots initiatives united to help the Ukrainian resistance movement and people affected by the Russian invasion.

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I created this blog out of my passion for Ukraine and history.  I love exploring and researching Lviv and Galicia’s history and sharing my findings on my website. I write all my posts in English, but I also try to translate my most popular articles into Ukrainian. As Ukrainian is not my native language, I work with translators to help me create content for the Ukrainian version. If you enjoy this blog and want to contribute to its development, you can make a small donation to help me with the translation costs as well as the hosting costs by clicking on the button below:

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You can also support me by buying Forgotten Galicia pins depicting antique tiles in Lviv. The pins can be purchased in Lviv at Open Store on 8 Fedorova Street. They can also be purchased directly through me by messaging me at or by sending a message to my Forgotten Galicia Facebook account.