Antique Sinks in Lviv

Many of Lviv’s old buildings had communal sinks located in courtyards, balconies, or hallways.  As they no longer provide water to the residents of the buildings, they have become popular antiques. They have been removed and are sold at antique markets and shops, and as a result very few remain in their original locations, especially the nicer ones with manufacturer’s marks.  Fortunately, many can still be viewed by the public for many of Lviv’s restaurants now use them as decorations as well as sinks.

This may be Lviv’s last antique sink with a manufacturer’s mark still found in its original location:

This sink is located in the hallway of an old building:
This courtyard sink has been painted over:
These next two courtyard sinks have been removed:
People have found various clever uses for the beautiful sinks.
Doorside Table
Flower Pot
Decoration Outside a Cafe
Decoration at Jewish Festival
And there is now a trend for restuarants to use the antique sinks in their bathrooms:
Sink at Kumpel Restaurant
(the Perkun company also made manhole covers)
Sink at Sztuka Cafe
(Zygmunt Rodakowsi Lwow)
Sink at Khlib i Vyno Restaurant
Sink at Cafe 1
This sink was made by Bracia Mund (“Bracia Mund Lwów” (a company founded in 1898 on ul. Sykstuska—currently Doroshenka St.) the same company that manufactured tiles used in many of Lviv’s buildings.
This Bracia Mund sink I found in the bathroom of a bar in Ivano-Frankivsk:

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