Antique Tiles in Vienna

As I suspected, few doors were open or unlocked to Vienna’s residential buildings. Unlike Lviv, the vast majority of doors are in good condition and kept locked, usually with a key and not code. Therefore, I didn’t have the opportunity to see many entranceways. However, I lucked out and did […]

Storm Drains and Manhole Covers in Vienna

In Vienna, at almost every step there is an old manhole cover or storm drain. Fortunately, most include a date along with the manufacturer’s mark, and this is true even for modern ones. Below are square storm drains ranging from 1896 to 1957, posted in chronological order.  

Antique Roller Shutters: Vienna

Vienna is chock-full of antique (late 19th and early 20th century) metal roller shutters. The most interesting to find were the shutters made by manufacturers who also made shutters for others cities in the Austrian Empire, in particular for Lviv and Rzeszów. Joh. Schuberth Wien Shutters by this company can be found […]

Antique Shutters in Berehovo

Berehovo is in Zakarpattia, only 5 km from the Hungarian border. In the interwar period, the city was part of Czechoslovakia. Old wooden shutters, similar to ones found in Mukachevo, another city in Zakarpattia. A Czechoslovakian-made roller shutter První moravská továrna na rolety ANT. BILEK (Antonin Bilek’s first Moravian company […]

Antique Wooden Shutters in Mukachevo

In Mukachevo I found several examples of antique wooden shutters and quite a few with the manufacturer’s mark. They date from before WWII. Made by Slovakian-based company: Szabó, Csonka a spol. és Társa Lučenec. Made by Vienna-based company: Woltär & Molnár. Wien. VI. LINKE WIENZEILE 40. I found an ad […]

Antique Metal Shutters in Mukachevo

In Mukachevo I found a few antique metal shutters made by the company DUKO, which was based in Prague-Vinohrady. As they are Czech made, they likely date from the interwar period. Another grouping of DUKO shutters I also found a roller shutter made by the Budapest-based copmany Paschka. There still […]

Interwar Fire Hydrants in Mukachevo

Traces of Mukachevo’s Czechoslovakian past can still be found in the city. (During the interwar period, Mukachevo along with the rest of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) was part of Czechoslovakia.) “In 1883, Antonín Kunz (1859–1910) founded a company in Hranice [Czech Republic] for the repair and production of small farm machinery and then specialized […]

Sidewalk Stamp in Lutsk

This sidewalk stamp says: “Zarząd Miejski m. Łucka” (Municipal Board of the City Lutsk). This curb dates from the interwar period when Lutsk was part of the Second Polish Republic (1920-1939).

Ferrum Lwów Sidewalk Stamps

Ferrum-Lwów Machine Factory and Iron and Metal Foundry was part of a large company that had factories in several cities including Lodz, Poznan, Krakow, and Sosnowiec near Katowice. In Lviv, the factory was located in the Pidzamche neighborhood and in addition to various iron and metal works such as manhole covers and […]

Terrazzo Entranceways: G. Zuliani

Giovanni Zuliani (1843-1909) moved from Italy to Lviv and in 1892 founded a company specializing in mosaic and granite terrazzo prepared in Venetian style, marble ornamentation of walls and furniture, and all kinds of cement work. The company had branches in three other Galician cities: Stanisławów (Ivano-Frankivsk), Chernivtsi, and Krakow. […]