Antique Tiles in Vienna

As I suspected, few doors were open or unlocked to Vienna’s residential buildings. Unlike Lviv, the vast majority of doors are in good condition and kept locked, usually with a key and not code. Therefore, I didn’t have the opportunity to see many entranceways. However, I lucked out and did find a few beautiful corridors and stairwells. But I only found one tile with a manufacturer’s mark.


3 thoughts on “Antique Tiles in Vienna

  1. Hi,
    I live in Vienna and am specialized in repoducing these historic tiles.
    I am also doing some research… working on a Book and a tile museum.
    can you tell me where you found these tiles? and would it be ok if I use your fotos.
    If you are in Vienna again and want to see inside more houses let me know… I have master keys 🙂

    1. Hi Philipp,
      Unfortunately, I don’t remember where they were as it was several years ago. And did a lot of walking and exploring.
      That’s great that you are working on a book and museum! Looking forward to them both, and would love to see the inside of more houses. I will let you know if I visit again.
      Best regards,

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