Burdon Folk Band

Burdon, formed in 2002 in Lviv, is a great example of a band that preserves and promotes folk music, allowing a new generation of people to enjoy and cherish the music of their ancestors.

“We’re using acoustic folk instruments for the best reproduction of atmosphere of old dances which didn’t change through centuries. But our music is not a real authentic reflection, we play modern folklore. We don’t invent any new tunes, we play old and often very famous ones, with our own arrangement and modern influences.” from their website.

In additional to more common instruments such as the fiddle, double bass, accordion, they also incorporate many other interesting instruments such as the lira (hurdy-gurdy), bouzouki, and moraharpa. In addition to traditional Ukrainian and Carpathian songs, they also play Romanian, Hungarian, Balkan songs.

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  1. Thank you for your site, photography and bringing our ancestors’ lives to the net for us to experience.

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