Reawakening Polish Prewar Urban Music

Late last year I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the atmosphere of Lviv’s interwar music scene at a live performance of a young band from Warsaw, which plays famous tunes from Poland’s 1920-1930s musical heritage.

Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna (Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra) comprises a group of young musicians united by their passion for urban folklore. They play familiar and forgotten dance melodies as well as more sentimental tunes for singing and listening. Their repertoir includes songs from prewar theaters, courtyard ballads and couplets from interwar Warsaw and Lviv. The also play compositions by modern artists inspired by urban folklore and traditional Polish melodies, and enliven dance parties with their lively polkas and foxtrots, sultry tangos, and romantic waltzes.

The orchestra reaches to the roots of the Polish prewar music scene and continues the tradition of revue performaces, maintaining the timeless charm of these songs while adding their own contemporary touch.
“Reawakening Polish cabaret and revue music from the 1920-30 period. The Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra perform the Repertoire of Adam Aston, Wiera Gran, Mieczyslaw Fogg and many other artists of that time. Peresrving the timelessness of this music. WSO adds their own artistic sensitivity and takes You on a sentimental journey.”

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