1892 Galicia: Illustrated Polish-Language Guidebook

Presented below are photographs of eastern Galicia and its people from a Polish-language illustrated guidebook for the Austrian State Railways written by Adolf Inlender and published in Vienna in 1892. Adolf Władysław Inlender (Inlaender) (1854-1920) was a civic and political activist, journalist, and pharmacist in Galicia.

Illustrated Guidebook for the Imperial-Royal Austrian State Railways for the Routes: Lwów-Krasne-Podwołoczyska, Krasne-Brody, Lwów-Stanisławów-Kołomyja-Śniatyn-Czerniowce, Kolomyia-Słoboda Rungurska, Kolomyia-Kniażdwor, Stanisławów-Buczacz-Husiatyn, Stanisławów-Woronienka, Koleje Podolskie. According to the guidelines of the Imperial-Royal General Directorate of the Austrian State Railways written and edited and by Adolf Inlender

(Przewodnik ilustrowany po c.k. austr. kolejach państwowych na szlakach : Lwów-Krasne-Podwołoczyska, Krasne-Brody, Lwów-Stanisławów- Kołomyja-Śniatyn-Czerniowce, Kołomyja-Słoboda rungurska, Kołomyja-Kniażdwór, Stanisławów-Buczacz- Husiatyn, Stanisławów-Woronienka, Koleje Podolskie. Wedle wskazówek c.k. Generalnej Dyrekcji austr. koleji państwowych zredagował i napisał Adolf Inlender)

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Pidhirtsi / Podhorce

Pidhirtsi Castle

Interior of Pidhirtsi Castle



Brody Region



Old castle
Inside a Karaite temple

Ivano-Frankivsk / Stanisławów

Mykulychyn / Mikuliczyn


Zhabie (today Verkhovyna)

Dora (today a part of Yaremche)

Peasant girl


Jewish man

Usteriky / Uścieryki

Log driving

Sloboda / Słobodzie Rungurskiej

Oil wells

Buchach / Buczacz

4 thoughts on “1892 Galicia: Illustrated Polish-Language Guidebook

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Am interested in Lemko areas Pielgryzmka and also Serednica, lesko, Ustrecki Dolnya (sp?) and where surname of Keno comes from. What do clothing and hat styles tell about various regions?

  2. I would like to learn more about my ancestors who lived in Galicia, Poland in the 1800s and came to America in the late 1800s and early 1900s. One side of the family has the surname: Gawlik. The other has the surname: Jareck (listed in some records as Jaretzky). Since none are still living, can you tell me if there is a Galician database /archive where I can find out more about my ancestors — some sort of census records, perhaps? Although they were ethnically Polish, I know that some of them followed Russian Orthodox religious traditions. I am curious how that came to be.

  3. Hello from New York. I am looking for any photos of synagogues from Podvolochisk or Staromischyna, under Austrian-Hungary rule, prior to 1910. Thank you

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