Relics in Belgrade

Serbia’s capital changed hands dozens of times in the past few centuries:

  • Ottoman/Austrian rule 16th–19th centuries
  • Ottoman/Serbian rule 1804–1878
  • Serbian rule 1878–1914
  • Austro-Hungarian/Serbian rule 1914–18
  • Kingdom of Serbia 1918
  • Yugoslav Kingdom 1918–1941
  • Nazi/Croatian rule 1941–1944
  • Yugoslav Republic 1944–1991

I found some relics from Austrian rule, namely antique roller shutters made in Vienna:

One made by Julius Rosenthal (I’ve come across shutters made by ES. Rosenthal in Vienna and Lviv – possibly same family) and another made by Joh. Anderle, examples of which can still be found in Vienna and Lviv.

I wasn’t able to find any information about the manhole covers, but judging by the wear and tear and fonts, I believe that many of these may date to before date to before WWII.

And here’s a really slick boot scraper!

1 thought on “The Forgotten Boot Scrapers of Lviv

  1. I think all Ukrainians, from homeland and diaspora, should visit Greece. Many of us grow up thinking that our names, language, religious rites and architecture, and other folkloric traditions are our own, but visiting Greece will show that we imported and adopted them lock, stock, and barrel. Flattening the church domes to a pear shape, and polyphony, are the only uniquely Ukrainian contributions that I can think of.
    Nice website!

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