4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Boot Scrapers of Lviv

  1. I think all Ukrainians, from homeland and diaspora, should visit Greece. Many of us grow up thinking that our names, language, religious rites and architecture, and other folkloric traditions are our own, but visiting Greece will show that we imported and adopted them lock, stock, and barrel. Flattening the church domes to a pear shape, and polyphony, are the only uniquely Ukrainian contributions that I can think of.
    Nice website!

  2. Hello:

    My mother’s mother, who had immigrated to the United States from Ukraine, received a letter in 1932 from her son. Recently my mother showed me this letter and asked me to make sense of it. I showed it to a Ukrainian friend and she said it might be a dialect written/spoken in Lviv and in and around Galicia. Can I just send you that first page? All I need is some direction. I can translate it myself if I know where to start. It’s tough because it’s in cursive and it looks at times like a transliteration of Ukrainian using roman letters. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Vince in Luxembourg

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