4 thoughts on “Prewar German-Czech Street Signs in Prague

  1. Thank you for your site, photography and bringing our ancestors’ lives to the net for us to experience.

  2. Do you know of any resources available to the general public to learn the diaspora’s dialect of old Galician Ukrainian? My in-laws speak it, and I would like to learn, but all materials and classes I’ve found are for standard Ukrainian, which to their ear sounds “Soviet.”
    Would appreciate any ideas for resources!

    1. Hmm, that’s a good question! Some of the Ukrainian schools in the States (Ridna Shkola) might still use some older materials that were developed in the the States/Canada to teach Ukrainian, and so in the Galician dialect, but they might not that helpful for adults learning Ukrainian as a foreign language….

  3. I am writing to You from Italy. I arrived here just from the search engine and it was a rivelation! I am also fond of the ancient manholes and Lviv (in Italian: “Leopoli”) is one of the places I love more in the world, even if I visited this city only once and even if I do not know anyone, there.
    I used some materials from You (but I cited the source) here:
    Best wishes!

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