Modern Hand-Painted Signs in Lviv, Part II

I’ve been seeing more and more establishments use their facades to list the products that they sell or services that they provide, the old-school way. I particularly like it when the items are listed in several languages, as used to be done in Lviv before WWII. Before the languages used were  Polish, Yiddish, and German, and rarely Ukrainian. Now it’s Ukrainian, English, and sometimes Polish and German as well.

This is a continuation of my first such post.

I think some are hand-painted, others stenciled. I like the trend.

Ukrainian patriotic book and music shop
Hair salon
In Ukrainain, German, English, Polish

Beauty Salon
Flower Shop
Liquor Store
Candy and nut shop
Shop and Cafe

1 thought on “The Forgotten Boot Scrapers of Lviv

  1. I think all Ukrainians, from homeland and diaspora, should visit Greece. Many of us grow up thinking that our names, language, religious rites and architecture, and other folkloric traditions are our own, but visiting Greece will show that we imported and adopted them lock, stock, and barrel. Flattening the church domes to a pear shape, and polyphony, are the only uniquely Ukrainian contributions that I can think of.
    Nice website!

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