Decorative Hangers in Lviv’s Courtyards

These intriguing metal fixtures are a common sight in many of Lviv’s courtyards. They are decorative hangers integrated into the ironwork of the galleries’ banisters. Historically, they served for drying, brushing, and airing out coats. Another theory suggests they may have been used for hanging plants or flowers.

Similar hangers can also be found in other cities like Ivano-Frankivsk, Kraków, and Budapest, but Lviv boasts the largest number that I’m aware of.

Interestingly, in cities like Vienna and Budapest, cast-iron hangers mounted on walls in courtyard galleries and building corridors can still be spotted. This type of hanger is less common in Lviv — I have found only one such wall-mounted hanger in Lviv.

In Lviv, most remain unused these days, but some use them to decorate their balconies and courtyards with beautiful flowers or to hang clothing, shoes, or other items.

Here are examples of such hangers being used to hang plants or clothing. The second photo shows one being used to air out shoes AND hang plants.

Wall-Mounted Hanger

Here is a unique example – the hangers are attached to the wall, rather than to the top of a banister.

Here are a couple of examples from Budapest.

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