Holding Together Historical Buildings: The Anchor Plates of Lviv

Anchor plates (also called wall washers, pattress plates, masonry stars, etc.) are used to reinforce the structure of masonry buildings. Made from cast or wrought iron, these plates are connected to rods that penetrate the building. Sometimes the rod is exposed, which can be seen on balconies and porticos. The […]

Lviv’s First Centralized Fire Station

The fire service of the city of Lviv was organized on January 4, 1849, on the initiative of Mayor Karl Göpflingen-Bergendorf, and is one of the oldest organized fire brigade structures on the territory of present-day Ukraine. In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, to further improve the city’s […]

Anchor Plates: Amsterdam

Along with hoisting beams, anchor plates are a prominent feature of Amsterdam’s building facades.

Anchor Plates: Stockholm

Stockholm has a wide range of anchor plates — of all shapes and sizes, spanning back at least to the seventeenth century. My favorite is the one that looks like an owl: A collage of the various kinds of plates that can be found in Stockholm:  I found several examples […]

Anchor Plates in Annapolis

In Annapolis the vast majority of anchor plates – or in this case I should use the term “masonry stars” – are star shaped. Many buildings from the city are from the eigteenth and nineteenth centuries and therefore there is a high concentration of them. And here is a lovely anchor-shaped anchor plate

Anchor Plates in Tallinn

A sampling of anchor plates in Tallinn.

Anchor Plates in Riga

A sampling of anchor plates from Riga. I especially like the ones shaped like anchors.