Soccer Terms in Interwar Galicia

Recently, published an article (in Ukrainian) about soccer in interwar Galicia, and it includes a list of soccer terms used in Galicia in that period. In the diaspora we still call soccer (football) копаний м’яч (literally, “kicked ball”), the term that was used in pre-WWII Galicia. Today in Ukraine, the term “футбол” (football) is used.

Футбольні терміни, що використовували на Галичині у міжвоєнні роки:
відсторона – офсайд
воковер – неявка
дефензива – захист
грач – гравець
грище – футбольне поле
дружина – команда
займак – штрафний удар
змагун – гравець
карний мет – пенальті
копун – футболіст
наріжняк – кутовий удар
офензива – напад
реміс – нічия

Photo: 1942, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast. Source: ”Локальна історія”/

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  1. I think all Ukrainians, from homeland and diaspora, should visit Greece. Many of us grow up thinking that our names, language, religious rites and architecture, and other folkloric traditions are our own, but visiting Greece will show that we imported and adopted them lock, stock, and barrel. Flattening the church domes to a pear shape, and polyphony, are the only uniquely Ukrainian contributions that I can think of.
    Nice website!

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