Lamp Posts and Water Pumps in Winnetka

The village of Winnetka, a suburb of Chicago, incorporated in 1869, has still a few remnants from its earliest years found in the infrastucuture and architecture.  In particular, in the yards of some of the oldest houses that date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuies one can find […]

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Old Houses in Winnetka

The first houses in Winnetka were built in 1836.  Few of the nineteenth-century houses remain. The oldest surviving house is the Schmidt-Burnham House, which was built c. 1837. This one is now a museum. This red one was recently torn down 🙁

Antique Iron Fences in Winnetka

I found two antique fences in Winnetka—both made by the Stewart Iron Works. Stewart Iron Works, an ironworks plant located in Covington, Kentucky, was founded in 1886 and incorporated in 1910. A branch in Cincinnati operated from 1903 to 1915. The Stewart Iron Works — Cinncinati, Ohio The Stewart Iron Works Co. — Covington, […]

Fire Marks in Winnetka

To my surprise, I found fire marks in my suburb! “Though long past are the days when the metal symbol of an insurance company affixed to the front of a house afforded its owner the only sure means of protection from loss by fire, these quaint marks are still occasionally […]

Iron Fire Escapes

Something that I haven’t noticed in Lviv and Europe in general is iron fire escapes on the sides of buildings. I read that the reason such fire escapes are a rarity in Europe is because European cities have a long history of fire prevention and safety and were always ahead […]

Hitching Posts in Chicago Suburbs

I’ve come across three old hitching posts in two northern suburbs of Chicago, including in the village of Winnetka. I assume they have been in the same locations near the curbs since the time horses were still used as modes of transport here. I also assume there used to be […]

Guard Stones in Winnetka

Winnetka, a suburb of Chicago, has a few guard stones that used to protect the sides and corners of walls from carriages.

Coal Chute in Winnetka

In downtown Winnetka, I found a well-preserved coal chute. The building and chute date to the early twentieth century, probably between 1900 and 1930. The Majestic Company was founded in 1907 in Huntington, Indiana. It manufactured coal chutes, garbage receivers, package receivers, and fireplace dampers. Here is is an original […]