Barta & Tichy Praha Tile

Barta & Tichý Praha was one of the most famous ceramic factories in Europe. Here is an example of their work which I found in Prague: This factory has a connection to Lviv, for in the 1880s the famous architect Jan Lewiński opened a store in Lviv where products from […]

Antique Tiles in Drohobych

My friend sent me pictures of these lovely antique tiles in Drohobych, which were made by Joachim Sternbach’s company, probably in the interwar period.

Lviv Tiles: Building Years

It’s farily common to find the dates of buildings carved into their facades, but occasionally the years of constructions were marked in other places, for example on the floor near the main entrance, such as can be seen in my posts about terrazzo or on tiles as seen below. This one […]

Antique Tiles in Vienna

As I suspected, few doors were open or unlocked to Vienna’s residential buildings. Unlike Lviv, the vast majority of doors are in good condition and kept locked, usually with a key and not code. Therefore, I didn’t have the opportunity to see many entranceways. However, I lucked out and did […]

Antique Tiles in Chernivtsi

In Chernivtsi I saw a few tiles with the inscription “Leon Schrenzel Czernowitz.”  Overall, I saw the name of only one company that manufactured tiles. Leon Schrenzel’s building materials company was founded in 1887 – a time when Chernivtsi would have been part of the Austrian Empire.